WWU Campus Tree Tour

WWU is privileged to be the home of dozens of spectacular varieties of trees (the full census runs to more than 70 species). These four tree tours describe some of the more interesting specimens on campus and also provides some history about many of the trees.

The mobile tours are designed to be used with a smartphone or tablet as you walk the tours. Touch the tree images to view tree names and descriptions.

The print tours are designed to be printed and carried with you on the tours. They include maps with numbered markers and descriptions for each tree.

To view the maps using street view click and drag the Pegman Street View Pegman from the top left corner of map to the place you want to see. To exit streetview click the white X in the top-right corner.

Disclaimer: This project was undertaken by a complete amateur, a geologist without a scrap of formal training in botany. Tree identifications thus rely on imagination, faith and the sources listed below, with the enormously valuable assistance of Randy Godfrey, WWU chief gardener, and his staff, and local self-taught tree authority John Wesselink. However, if it turns out that some identifications are incorrect, no one could be less astonished than me. - Myrl Beck