Snowbell tree (Styrax japonica)

On either side of the exit from Parking Lot 6V Map

There is little to say about this little tree, other than it is very pretty. In early summer it bursts forth with a short-lived display of the clustered white flowers that give it its popular name. In the fall it turns a pleasing shade of yellow. In old age, even its bark is decorative - vaguely orange-shaded, with an attractive pattern of cracks and fissures. It was introduced from eastern Asia in the mid-19th century, and is widely planted in Europe and North America. It has many cultivars, differing in leaf color, flower color, and size. Styrax japonica makes few height demands - it usually tops out at about 40 ft., with an equal spread. The Washington State (Seattle) record is nearly 50 ft. According to one source this species tends to be a bit finicky about growing conditions, and may choose to die for no apparent reason.