Norway maple 'Crimson King' (Acer platanoides)

South of Edens Hall Map

Standard encyclopedia of trees list literally dozens of cultivars of the Norway maple. Many of these tend to be reddish, or purple, when the leaves first unfold. Lacking accurate records, we will take a fling and "identify" this tree as the "Crimson King" variety of Norway maple. Acer platanoides 'Crimson King' has been available since 1937, when it originated in Belgium. It is very widely planted throughout North America. However, at least five other varieties of Norway maple also are possibilities; one likely alternative is 'Schwedleri'.

This tree is the particular favorite of Penny Page, mainstay of the Provost's Office. She (and unidentified support staff) is shown holding the leaf in the lower photograph.

For more discussion of Acer platanoides, see tree the description for the norway maple on the Old Main tour.