Chinese Scholar tree (Sophora japonica)

NE corner of Wilson Library. Map

Note the delicate leaves with 9-21 leaflets per stem. It is also known as the Japanese Pagoda tree, although it is native to China. Perhaps this name reflects the fact that, once imported to Japan, it often was planted near temples.

Our Chinese Scholar tree, as we will continue to call it, will significantly brighten and beautify its corner of campus. In spring it erupts in pleasingly delicate compound leaves, to be followed in mid-summer by clusters of small, fragrant white flowers.

It is surprising, in view of its delicate foliage, that the Chinese Scholar tree is said to be hardy against most of the environmental disadvantages of urban life such as cigarette butts, children, zombies, bicycle tires, and perhaps even exposure to scholarly discourse. Our tree should do just fine. This tree was planted in 2009.